Anna C. Nelson

William W. Elliott Assistant Research Professor
Department of Mathematics, Duke University

Since Fall 2021, I am a William W. Elliott Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Duke University, where I am working with Veronica Ciocanel. My field of research is mathematical biology, and I am primarily interested in simulating, modeling, and analyzing aggregation and polymerization processes in cellular physiology. My research interests include dynamical systems, mathematical modeling, and stochastic processes.

Prior to Duke, I completed my Ph.D. in mathematics in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Utah under the supervision of Aaron L. Fogelson.

Outside of mathematics, I enjoy disc golf, hiking, baking, traveling, and playing/directing handbells.

Upcoming Activities

       January 2023, Joint Mathematics Meeting, Boston MA
       February 2023, Brandeis University Math Biology Seminar (virtual)
       March 2023, Sex Differences in Physiology: Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, Banff International Research Station, Banff AB
       April 2023, AMS Spring Central Sectional Meeting, Cincinnati OH
       May 2023, SIAM Dynamical Systems 2023, Portland OR


       Ph.D. in Mathematics, May 2021, University of Utah
       B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics, December 2012, Boise State University